Its my life... Love it or leave it

Welcome to my blog. I saw people having blogs for various reasons.... from sharing code to co ordinating Tsunami relief work. The power of a blog is amazing. I am neither a philosopher not a reformist. I want to use this blog to write whetever I feel. I believe in myself, my will and my determination. I do what I want to. I believe that I was born in this world for a reason.. good or bad. Thats what I am and thats how I live. Love it or leave it.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Connex Info Systems has a home

Connex Info Systems officially has a permanent home now. I leased office space on Main Street in Irvine adjacent to Orange County Airport. It has a great Irvine address with ample parking. Its 17777 Main St. Suite B-2 Irvine CA 92614. I got two offices, reception, coffee area and a restroom. There are quite a few good restaurants in that area. I think this place is good enough for atleast a year. Way to go... Connex...

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

A Nice Quote

There is someone, somewhere in the world, who is happy because you are happy.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Are we getting better?

I was driving to work this morning. While I was changing my lane, I had a glance at the San Bernardino mountains. Immediately, a lot of thoughts occupied my mind. That view reminded me of the good old days when I was in my high school. I believe that the appreciation to nature is directly related to the quality of life. If I look back once, I can clearly see the contrast in the internal freedom that I enjoyed when I was not bound by this eagerly built walls around me. Here I am going through life feeling empty, unfulfilled having no clue as to why, even having most of the things I think I wanted. Life has become more materialistic these days as we try to take a lead on the nature. Luxuries come with static and materialistic perception of life. Qualify of life is denied here and honestly thats a tradeoff. Its my psychological attitude that defines my saticfaction level. Even an optimist cannot perceive the good aspects around him as long as the mind is not free. The only way to break this complex idealogy in life is to free the mind. Creating this kind of freedom can avoid mental wall building and the assumption of more free space provide you with much wider options which in turn cut the assumptions of static world. The perception of dynamic reality by re evaluating the thought patterns is very important in life so that we dont have to compromise with the quality of life.